[VIDEO] New Year’s Advice for Insuring Your Corvette from the NCM Insurance Agency


[VIDEO] New Year's Advice for Insuring Your Corvette from the NCM Insurance Agency

Every Corvette owner has to insure their vehicles against loss, damage or theft, and there is no one we trust more with our Corvette’s insurance than our friends at the NCM Insurance Agency.

We met up with Jeff Forsythe from the NCM Insurance Agency last weekend at the NCRS Winter Regional at Lakeland, Florida’s Sun ‘N Fun and we covered several topics about insuring your classic or collectible Corvette that are applicable to any classic car.

As the NCM Insurance Agency offers agreed value for your Corvette policy, you want to make sure that the value is keeping up with the marketplace. Jeff gives us some great tips on how to research classic car pricing and what to do if you want an increase in value for your Corvette or collectible car’s policy.

Jeff also spoke about Relocation Reimbursement which is something I bet most of those insured with the NCM Insurance Agency don’t realize they have. It’s part of every insurance policy and is available when your vehicle is in the path of a potential natural disaster.

Finally, Jeff talks a little more about the track insurance that can help protect your Corvette when you want to take it to a track day or autocross event.

For more about the NCM Insurance Agency or to get a free quote for your Corvette or other collector car, visit www.NCMinsurance.com or call Jeff at 1-877-678-7626.

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