[VIDEO] Heartland Customs 1971 Corvette Hides a .357 Revolver in a Secret Compartment


[VIDEO] Heartland Customs 1971 Corvette Hides a .357 Revolver in a Secret Compartment

On Labor Day, my 17-year-old son Chris and I were talking about how cool the hidden compartment behind the entertainment touchscreen is in our 2015 Laguna Blue Z51.

We haven’t really hidden anything behind it yet, other than a cell phone, but nevertheless, it’s proven to be a great conversation piece. In fact, when Chris’ good friend, Jack Holbrook, first saw the switch that moves the screen up and down, he thought it was how you scrolled the content showing on the video screen.

Imagine his surprise when he pushed the button and saw the hidden compartment become visible.

But the C7 doesn’t hold a candle to this wild and crazy 1971 Corvette we ran across that’s been fully customized by our friends at Heartland Customs.

Back in November during his coverage of the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas, our Detroit Bureau Chief Steve Burns first told you about this dark red 1971 coupe with Steel Cities Gray accents that was custom built for a customer by Heartland Customs.

[VIDEO] Heartland Customs 1971 Corvette Hides a .357 Revolver in a Secret Compartment

Besides all kinds of body tweaks and power upgrades, this C3 Corvette features lots of modern amenities in the interior, including Head Up Display, RFID locks, and a fully interactive touch screen. Steve told you that there was even a secret compartment where the owner keeps a handgun just in case it’s ever needed.

Now, we’ve run across a video that shows how really cool this secret gun compartment is. After the owner pushes a button marked “Security,” a compartment to the right of the steering wheel unfolds from the dash (in about four seconds), and you wind up with a .357 Magnum revolver waiting for you to grab and fire. (You can also open and close the hood and activate a radar detector from these same touch controls.)

We don’t think it would ever be a good idea to try anything foolish with this Corvette driver!

But he’s not the only Corvette owner with a firm grasp of his Second Amendment rights. Remember in June 2015, we told you about a Texas C5 Corvette Z06 owner who installed a gun rack right behind his seats, where he keeps an AR-15 rifle mounted.

The Corvette Forum also shared a number of creative solutions to the lack of gun storage in Corvettes in a recent post, including a strap that runs underneath the steering wheel and a barrel holster that can be mounted in several places.

Heartland Customs / YouTube via ConcealedNation.com

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  1. It appears you have to keep your finger on the button till the compartment fully opens. It takes too long to open and once open the revolver is at a bad angle to draw. Cool idea though.

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