[VIDEO] Roadkill Inspired C4 Corvette Dune Buggy Plays in the Sand


[VIDEO] Roadkill Inspired C4 Corvette Dune Buggy Plays in the Sand

C4 Corvettes don’t always get the respect they deserve, and it shows in the resale value of this once-revered sports car.

We’ve never really thought of converting a C4 into a dune buggy, but this video shows just how much fun you could have if you do.

And it wouldn’t cost you much, either.

While we did find the owner of one 18,000-mile example of a 1984 asking $15,900 for his baby on AutoTrader, you don’t really want a museum-quality Corvette for our task!

Indeed, we spotted several dune-suitable C4s on the same website going for between $5,000 to $7,000, and we even saw one for less than $4,000!

That way you wouldn’t feel very bad about taking off the doors, front fenders, hood, and hatch glass to convert your Corvette into what we think might be the ultimate dune buggy!

This inspirational example showed up on YouTube on a channel named DuneTV1, and the owner is apparently a guy named Dwayne from Alto, Michigan.

He’s seen getting down and sandy in this 1985 Corvette and says on camera that he was inspired to strip down his car by the the guys from Hot Rod Magazine’s Roadkill series.

Apparently, Dwayne isn’t done with his creation yet as he says he wants to keep stripping the Vette down to its roll cage and add more power before he unveils it on “road courses, drag strips, sand dunes, two-tracks. Anywheres they’ll let me run it.”

This is one great way to keep a C4 alive and kicking, long after it’s been left for dead by some folks.


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