Cool Doctor Arranges a Weekend Corvette Drive for Cancer Patient


Cool Doctor Arranges a Weekend Corvette Drive for a Patient Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

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Drive a Corvette for a whole weekend.

Sounds like our idea of a fun time.

But it was much more than for a Pennsylvania man recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Thanks to the generosity of his doctor and a local Chevrolet dealer, he can check that one off his bucket list now.

Dr. Richard Huntington, the family physician at a Wilkes-Barre clinic, recently delivered the bad diagnosis to his patient, Bruce Anderscavage, and immediately noticed the news “took the wind out of his sails.”

Who wouldn’t react the same?

That’s when Dr. Huntington decided to step in and help his long-time patient.

“I knew the way to inspire hope and excitement again was to put him in the seat of a Corvette,” the doctor said.

Not surprisingly, knowing the kindness of Corvette enthusiasts, it didn’t take Dr. Huntington long to make Anderscavage’s dream of driving a modern Corvette come true.

Rich Crossin of Bonner Chevrolet in Kingston was quick to respond to Dr. Huntington’s request for a Corvette.

“Within an hour, he said, ‘Let’s do this,’ and within a day, the keys of the car were in Bruce’s hand,” the doctor said.

So, with a full tank of gas and a gas card to fill it up again, Anderscavage was on the road in his red 2013 Corvette for a whole weekend – all at no charge to him or the doctor.

Dr. Huntington said he enjoyed watching Anderscavage behind the wheel of his dream car and he’s hopeful it will inspire others to come up with their own kind-hearted acts.

“This is a fine example of how to keep human intervention in health care. It ties you to the patient in a special way,” the doctor said.

Hopefully, Anderscavage will live long enough to finish other items on his bucket list, but he’s not sure how long he has.

“I think he knows how bad the cancer is and he’s just not telling me. It was a nice gesture by him,” Anderscavage said of his doctor.

A long-time smoker, Anderscavage has had to quit his job as a mechanic in Hanover Township.

“What are you going to do? It’s the hand you are dealt,” he said. “They keep telling me to quit (smoking). I say it’s too late.”

Cool Doctor Arranges a Weekend Corvette Drive for Cancer Patient

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By the way, Anderscavage came away impressed with his time in the Corvette.

“They’re quick. They are absolutely fast. I had fast cars all my life, but nothing like that,” Anderscavage said. “That car was amazing.”

He believes he gave rides to about 80 people of all ages, including one final passenger – Dr. Huntington.


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