Brothers Restore 1961 Corvette in Mom’s Honor


Brothers Restore 1961 Corvette in Mom's Honor

Sometimes you just can’t ignore the fact that “Mother knows best.”

“Our mom had talked about getting a ride in a brand new, white ’61 Corvette when she was young,” Rick Mast recalls. “She said, ‘Now that’s a real car.’ ”

That memory no doubt came to mind a couple of years ago when Mast and his brother, Russ, spotted a 1961 all-white Corvette at the Devlin-Starbird custom car show in Kansas.

“I just kept going back to it,” Rick recalls. “I told my brother, ‘I think I want this car,’ He said, ‘But we’ve already got four Corvettes and there’s no more room in the garage.'”

The brothers finally decided to heed their mother’s posthumous “advice” and buy the car and then embarked on a mission of adding their own special touches.

To break up the monotonous white exterior, they decided to paint a factory hardtop they found in a color they happened to see on a 1999 Honda – Mystic Green Metallic – to match the green carpet in their Corvette. Then as another accent, they painted the cove in two colors – the front part in silver to differentiate it from the wheel well and the back part in the Honda green.

The result has been well received at car shows attended by the brothers, who have won “Best Paint” at one competition and three “Best of Show” honors in 2013.

“Lots of people talk about the color,” Rick says.

At shows, they open the trunk to reveal Hollywood posters and signs since they believe it’s the kind of car a movie star would have driven in the 1960s.

“The thing runs perfectly,” Rick says. “We’re really happy with it.”

He says they may have reached the end of their changes to the Corvette, but adds that “we need to give this car a name, though,” possibly Marilyn as in Marilyn Monroe.

Or perhaps Sam in honor of their mother, Samantha?

“I’ve always thought this was a tribute to our mom,” Rick agrees. “She would have loved this one.”


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