The Annual Corvette Enthusiast’s Twas the Night Before Christmas 2015


The Annual Corvette Enthusiasts Twas the Night Before Christmas 2015

Ever since we celebrated our first Christmas with our blog in 2005, we’ve posted a special Corvette version of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Over the last few years, our friend Rick Tavel from has taken the poem one step further by customizing it so that it references the major Corvette-related events that occurred throughout the year. Unfortunately, Rick has been very sick the last few months and has had to take time away to recuperate. Our prayers are with you, Rick. Get well!

Since this is our 10th anniversary, we’re bringing back the original poem as it was posted it on December 24, 2005. So gather up the children and take a seat next to the big block Vette out in the garage for our annual Corvette Enthusiast’s Night Before Christmas:

The Corvette Enthusiast’s Twas Night Before Christmas 2015

‘Twas the night before Christmas and out in the garage,
There wasn’t a trace of a Honda, Toyota, or Dodge.
The presents were wrapped and the lights were all lit,
So I figured I’d mess with my classic Corvette for a bit.

I popped the release and lifted the hood,
When a deep voice behind me said “looks pretty good.”
Well, as you can imagine, I turned mighty quick,
And there, by the workbench, stood good ol Saint Nick!

We stood there a bit, not too sure what to say,
Then he said “don’t suppose that you’d trade for my sleigh?
“No way, Santa” I said with a grin,
“But if you’ve got the time we can go for a spin!”

His round little mouth, all tied up like a bow,
Turned into a smile and he said “Sure! Let’s go!!”
So as not to disturb all the neighbors’ retreat,
We quietly pushed the Vette out to the street,

Then, taking our places to coast down the hill,
I turned on the key and I let the clutch spill.
The sound that erupted took him quite by surprise,
But he liked it a lot, by the look in his eyes.

With tires a’ screaming and side pipes aglow,
We headed on out to where the hot rodders go.
And Santa’s grin widened, approaching his ears,
With every shift up as I banged through the gears.

Then he yelled “can’t recall when I’ve felt so alive!”
So I backed off the gas and asked Santa if he wanted to drive.
Ole Santa was stunned when I gave him the keys,
When he walked past the headlights he shook at the knees!

The Corvette exploded with side exhaust sound!
And when Santa let out the clutch and the tires shook the ground!
Power shift into second, again into third!
I sat there just watching, at loss for a word,

Then I heard him exclaim as we blasted from sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, it’s one hell of a night!!!”

All of us here at want to thank our loyal readers, sponsors and all the men and women from Detroit to Bowling Green who continue to make the Chevrolet Corvette the best American sports car ever produced. We also want to send out a Christmas prayer for all the men and women serving our country in the Armed Forces both home and abroad.

Merry Christmas!

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