Husband Wins Custody of a 1994 Corvette in Alabama Divorce Case


Husband Wins Custody of a 1994 Corvette in Alabama Divorce Case
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We’ve heard of custody battles over children and even pets in times of divorce.

Now the fight has extended to a car, at least in one Alabama split-up.

It seems an Alabama man received a 1994 Corvette as a gift from his grandparents in 1996.

James Todd Henry said his wedding vows 16 years later.

Last year, he and his wife, Carlaine, who didn’t produce any children during their brief time together, went their separate ways, but not before a judge ruled that Carlaine could go her own way in the Corvette.

Not so fast, James Todd cried.

In an appeal to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, he argued that the Corvette was a gift from his grandparents long before he and Carlaine married in 2012. Furthermore, James Todd said they hadn’t used the Corvette together, so he should be able to keep it.

The appellate court agreed Friday with the ex-hubby and ruled that the Corvette be returned to him, in the process also nullifying a judge’s earlier decision that if James Todd wanted to keep the car, he had to pay his ex-wife $13,000.

Side note: Whoever decided that the 1994 Corvette was worth a whopping $13,000 in the first place? James Todd might have been better off selling it back to his ex-wife for that price if she thinks it’s worth that much!


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