[ACCIDENT] C5 Corvette Involved in High Speed Crash


[ACCIDENT] C5 Corvette Involved in High Speed Crash
Photo Credit: nbcmontana.com

A yellow C5 convertible became the latest victim of a high-speed crash Monday.

Fortunately, this time the driver wasn’t injured.

But the Butte, Mont., man isn’t out of the woods yet.

He’s in the Missoula (Mont.) Detention Center as the investigation into the crash continues, with Highway Patrol troopers suspecting drugs and/or alcohol may have been contributing factors.

According to the Highway Patrol, the driver failed to yield to a deputy at a traffic stop, then headed through town and nearly hit a guard rail on North Reserve.

Troopers followed him onto I-90, where the Corvette hit another car and then ran off the road and struck a fence.


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