Color Changes are Coming Immediately to the 2016 Corvette


Corvette to Phase Out Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic

Any time we hear about color changes on new Corvettes, it’s pretty big news.

This morning we received an update on Corvette production from Mike Furman at Criswell Chevrolet. It looks like two colors are being phased out of 2016’s production – Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic. The good news is that an early build-out usually signifies new color exteriors for the next model year.

What this also means is that if you wanted a Corvette with either of these colors, the end date to build your own is rapidly approaching.

Mike also tells us that the last day to order a Night Race Blue Corvette will be November 12th while Daytona Sunrise Orange is available to order through December 17th. Night Race Blue will then disappear from the Corvette color palate by the end of December while Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic will hang on through January.

Corvette to Phase Out Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic

If you really want one of these two colors, call your preferred Chevrolet dealer, or give Mike Furman a call at 301-212-4420 as he has a large number of allocations that he will be submitting on November 12th. After that, you’ll only be able to get one of these colors as remaining dealer stock or on the secondary market.

Mike Furman at Criswell Corvette

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  1. In reference to newly announced color changes…..the orange should go….no argument …midnight race blue however is the ONLY color I would consider ordering from the available selection. I am very concerned about the Design Center’s ability (or lack thereof) to select tasteful colors. I have addressed this with them, however it appears that narcissism is viral within. The C7 is a beautiful machine but a color consultant would go a long way regarding the appropriate paint options. Where is Bill Mitchell when you need nim?

  2. @jon forget. I agree completely. Why for example, did Chevrolet drop the popular Cyber Gray? I was fortunate to still get it for my ’14 C7. The Corvette is a halo car, and should be offered in a full palette of colors, even special order colors as other exotic manufacturers do.
    Why drop special colors such as Lime Rock Green? Or remember the tasteful Sunfire Yellows of the ’66-67 C2’s? Colors are especially important to women who often represent 50% of the approval factor in a high end purchase. Indeed, we need a Bill Mitchell back to compliment a Tadje Jeuchter!

  3. GM corvette should hire ME if they need great color consultant im ready to correct that problem !!!

  4. My Corvette is a 2008 Jet Stream Blue, and Mr.Gutwein’s comment that colors are important to women, (especially to this woman) is very true. Hey, Mr.Early, I’d love to be your color assistant. Color is very important to me in all aspects of my life and especially on my vehicles. I guess, I just wanted to chime in here this evening.

  5. Just ordered Z51 2LT yesterday. Surprised of limited colors offered. Got Laguna blue but not excited about extra dough to get it.

  6. Are these color decisions based mainly on profit?
    Agree, maybe try some spcl order colors as options.

    C7 interior colors are also mysterious. GM Coporate Gray is mixed with red,brown,tan,etc. If I want red why isn’t most of the interior red? Not just seat surfaces and swathes of red here and there. My ’67 has Red door panels etc., not just a splash of red. IMHO of course.

  7. So glad I was still able to get my 2016 NRB Z06 coupe. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Forget. Ordered my NRB with brownstone interior and black wheels last summer and took delivery end of October. Love it. LOVE IT!

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