[VIDEO] Granny Hits 171 MPH in Her C5 Corvette at the Sun Valley Road Rally


Granny Hits 171 MPH in Her C5 Corvette at the Sun Valley Road Rally

One of the fastest grandmothers in the Corvette hobby is back in the news after taking her C5 Corvette for a run at the 2015 Sun Valley Road Rally.

Of course we are talking about 82 year old Shirley Veine who has become somewhat of a fixture at the Sun Valley Road Rally with her “Go Granny Go” t-shirts and her own personal fan club of family and friends.

Every year, the Sun Valley Road Rally transforms Highway 75 outside of Ketchum, ID into a no-holds bar top speed drag way with everything from Bugatti’s to classic hot-rods taking their turn on the two-lane blacktop.

Last year, our favorite grandmother in the rally broke 166 mph in her Corvette and after the run, she vowed she would be back after getting some work done on the car. Well, Shirley didn’t disappoint, this time breaking her personal record with a run of 171 MPH.

Granny Hits 171 MPH in her C5 Corvette Z06 at the Sun Valley Road Rally

According to a post on her facebook page, Shirly’s goal was hit 175 mph but a strong headwind and some issues with the passenger window brought down her run to 171.4 mph as official recorded:

Shirley hit 171.4 mph with a strong headwind as you can see by the checkered flag blowing straight back at her. The wind also blew her passenger side window inward out of its track, Brent Rule her co-driver and mechanic (Restoration Rods) had to push back against it throughout her run. When we receive the video from the camera that was mounted inside her car we will get to hear how loud it got inside her car when the window blew in. Shirley was shooting for 175 + mph, but the wind definitely held her back, all in all is was a great run. We don’t know of any other 82 year old women that have driven a street legal car that fast. We are very proud of her!!!!!!

Watch as she comes into view and cracks the finish line. Her exhaust sound almost drowns out the man on the PA announcing her 171 mph run!

Congratulations again Shirley for showing us that anyone at any age can enjoy their Corvettes. You just do it faster than most! We’ll be rooting for that 175 MPH run next year too!


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