C4 Corvette Drowns When Streets in Atlanta Flooded on Sunday


C4 Corvette Drowns When Streets in Atlanta Flooded on Sunday

Storms rolling through Atlanta on Sunday afternoon were made worse when streets flooded due to clogged storm drains. One of the victims was this red C4 Corvette which had water over the hood and higher than the doors when flood waters were at their highest.

We first saw photos of the Corvette in the aftermath of the flood but eventually another photo surfaced showing it almost completely under water. The flooded Corvette was among several cars in an apartment complex that seemed to take the brunt of the high water damage. The flooded Vette also caught the attention of MyFoxAtlanta.com’s Nicole Estaphan who tweeted the photo:

In this next photo, you can see how the Corvette looked after the water receded:

Sunday’s flood in Atlanta was at first thought to be the result of a broken water main. Atlanta’s water department confirmed that it was clogged storm drains. The high water also shut down Atlanta’s downtown connector leaving some motorists stranded while delaying others who waited 40 minutes for the water to recede.


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