[PIC] 90210 and Sharknado Star Ian Ziering Drives a Black Corvette Stingray


For those of you that remember FOX’s teenage drama Beverly Hills 90210 from the 1990’s, actor Ian Ziering played high school student Steve Sanders, the son of a famous actress. On the show, Steve drove a C4 Corvette Convertible with the awesome vanity license plate that read “I8A 4RE”.

I had the opportunity to meet Ian at a FOX-TV rollout party back in the 90’s. We got to talking and it turned out that he was a Corvette enthusiast in real life as well. If I recall correctly, it was his idea to use a Corvette as Steve Sander’s car on Beverly Hills 90210.

Today, Ian is back in the news after posting a photo of himself behind the wheel of the new Corvette Stingray.

In his post on Twitter, Ian states “#90210 Back in the #I8A4RE saddle once again!”. Here’s the tweet:

Congrats on the new car Ian and let’s hope that black Corvette Stingray is actually sporting that iconic 90210 “I8A 4RE” vanity plate.

Ian Ziering on Twitter

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