[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Restomods a 1958 Corvette with an LS7 V8


[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Restomods a 1958 Corvette with an LS7 V8

There is just something that excites us when we see a well-done Corvette restomod. Some builds like to keep the stock look of the exterior while dropping in a monster V8 under the hood. We’ll this restomod built by the pros at Late Model Racecraft isn’t one of those.

If you were to pull up next to this matte-black 1958 Corvette roadster, you would notice right away there is something special going on there. And when that stoplight turns green and the restomod roars to life and leaves you all slack-jawed while staring at the disappearing taillights, you’ll wonder if that C1 was built just to haunt your dreams.

The normally chrome-laden 1958 Corvette has undergone a major transition from blinged-up cruiser to boulevard monster. Along with the matte-black exterior, most of the normal chrome trim has been replaced with black chrome. Even the toothy grille was swapped out and a matte mesh grille more reminiscent of the late C1 was installed in its place. The 1958 also loses the washboard hood and the chrome spears on the trunk for a more streamlined look. We see the interior also got the restomod treatment with new bucket seats and 5-point harness seatbelts.

But when the roadster starts up on the dyno and you hear that mighty V8 under the hood spring to life, you know its all Corvette! Here’s the dyno video from the Texas tuning shop showing the matte-black Corvette roadster with the C6 Z06’s 505-hp LS7 V8 under the hood.

This 1958 Corvette dynos at 475 horsepower and 464 ft-lbs of torque – a little more than some of the stock LS7 numbers we looked up – so we are sure the new owner will be pleased with modern performance under the hood of one of the most sinister-looking classic Corvettes we’ve seen.

Late Model Racecraft Restomods a 1958 Corvette with an LS7 V8

Late Model Racecraft

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