[VIDEO] The Sinkhole at the Corvette Museum has been Filled


[VIDEO] The Sinkhole at the Corvette Museum has been Filled

As the one-year anniversary of the sinkhole that ate eight significant Corvettes in the Skydome of the National Corvette Museum nears, restoration work continues on track.

Zach Massey, restoration project manager for Scott, Murphy & Daniel LLC, gave another update this week on the progress that’s being made on the damage done by the sinkhole on Feb. 12, 2014.

Over the past week or so, crews have been working on finalizing the HVAC duct bank. They have formed all the walls on that duct bank, and the top slab – eight inches of concrete over a metal deck – has been poured.

“So we’ve finally got our HVAC duct bank repaired,” Massey said. “I know that’s been something that’s been laying there for a long time that people have seen so we’re happy to have that piece of the project

Crews are working this week to finalize the subgrade in the Skydome area. “We’ve got a crew here today (Monday, Feb. 2) doing that final grade work to get things to where we need it before we start drilling,” Massey said.

“We’re gonna have crews still busy doing concrete form work,” he said, “and we’ve always had Hayward Baker, our micropile drilling contractor, on schedule for the second week of February.”

Those workers began arriving in Bowling Green Monday from all over the country, including some from Hawaii as well as a drill rig from Italy.

Hayward Baker crews will be mobilizing Thursday and Friday and will begin work on Monday, Feb. 9.

They’ll be installing 46 micropiles and grade beams to make sure the new floor will remain in place in the event of another collapse. Those micropiles will be 15-20 feet apart at an average depth of 141 feet.

After that will come the addition of more stone and a new concrete slab floor, a process likely to take until mid-April. Work is still on track to be completed by July.

Massey said a few other miscellaneous items are going on the rest of this week, including looking at electrical layouts in the floor and some of the finishing touches now that the hole is filled.

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