[VIDEO] Young NASCAR Drivers Take the Ron Fellows Performance Driving Course at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch


[VIDEO] Young NASCAR Drivers Take the Ron Fellows Performance Driving Course at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

ESPN recently offered viewers a glimpse inside the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School in Pahrump, Nev., where Ron and his instructors were showing young Chevy drivers how to get ready for Nationwide road courses at Spring Mountain, using, of course, C7 Corvettes.

“The goal was to get them road-course experience,” Fellows says. “What I want to try to provide is a baseline of information for them on how to approach a road course because it’s very different. In the NASCAR road racing schedule, there are some intimidating places.”

Young driver Dylan Kwasniewski (No. 31) , for one, was glad to have the experience.

“Ron Fellows … you know he’s a road course extraordinaire,” he said. “He knows the ins and outs of these things for sure and to have Ron teach us and lend us his bag of tricks and his knowledge – it’s great for everybody.”

Fellows says he uses the 1.5-mile track to teach the young drivers “not only the importance of braking in a straight line, going from the gear you have to the gear you need but also focusing on momentum and some finesse.”

Kwasniewski says he’s always known about Fellows’ reputation “and wanted to be able to come talk to Ron and get a little bit of insight on what these Nationwide road courses are gonna be like for me.”

Ron preaches the words discipline and patience. “As you can see with those marks, don’t turn late,” he says with a chuckle as the students are being carried around the track in a van.

“The van ride is basically showing them the line and talking about the various reference marks around the track, how you use them for braking and timing for downshifting,” Fellows sys.

“And then from there we follow with constant radio communication where the instructors are able to drive with one hand and be able to talk on the radio and lead them around and look in the mirror and make sure they’re in the right places.”

When you’re behind the instructor, Kwasniewski says, “you get a great visual of where he’s braking and getting on the throttle and turning into the corner so all you’re worried about is your shifting and braking and making sure you’re doing all the mechanics right.”

Fellows points out that a lot of what the drivers are experiencing in the C7 on his track is not going to be that much different from what they’ll experience in a NASCAR vehicle.

“I think coming out here to Spring Mountain, it’s definitely gonna get me in the right mindset to go to these road courses and hopefully be successful,” Kwasniewski says.

If you want to learn to drive your Corvette fast, check out the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nev. Visit them on the web at www.springmountainmotorsports.com or call them at 1-800-391-6891.

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