[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Now Offering a DVD Documentary on the SkyDome Sinkhole


[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Now Offering a DVD Documentary on the SkyDome Sinkhole

The National Corvette Museum’s sinkhole which swallowed eight Corvettes earlier this year not only shook the Corvette Nation, it also captivated the world as replays of the floor dropping out from under the Corvettes reverberated throughout various national and international media outlets.

It could be argued that the worst thing to ever happen at the Corvette Museum was also the best thing that ever happened to the NCM. Stories of the sinkhole appeared on over 2,000 broadcast outlets and the publicity from the more than 7,300 tv and radio hits was valued at $15.4 million. And with all that media running, attendance levels spiked over 60% in the months that followed with onlookers who wanted to see the hole that ate the Corvettes.

As the Corvette Museum makes its final plans to fully fill and repair the sinkhole and Skydome, they are making available a new 39-minute DVD that will take viewers back to February 12th at 5:38 am when the floor dropped out to the careful rescue and recovery of each of the eight Corvettes.

The video was produced in-house by the Corvette Museum and features the tense moments following the sinkhole’s opening when employees rushed into the Skydome to move out the remaining Corvettes including the NCM’s most prized 1983 Corvette.

We also see the uplifting moments such as the Corvette Blue Devil ZR1 starting up and driving out of the SkyDome after it was the first Corvette to be rescued, to the shear disbelief of what happens to a 2001 Mallet Hammer Corvette Z06 that was crushed by thousands of pounds of rocks, soil and other Corvettes.

Check out the trailer below and then head over to the Corvette Museum’s online store where the full DVD is being offered for $12.95.

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