[VIDEO] 1959 Corvette Featured in Sin City Movie Sequel


[VIDEO] 1959 Corvette Featured in Sin City Movie Sequel

It’s no surprise to see a Corvette in a movie or TV show.

For example, a red C7 coupe steals the show (at least for this writer) in the new TNT series Murder in the First.

Now a red 1959 Corvette (with white coves) figures prominently in the upcoming movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

The movie stars Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy, a killer with the keys to a bunch of killer rides (although one scene shows him very upset after his 1965 Ford Mustang breaks down – maybe he’s just mad because he didn’t get to drive the Corvette!).

Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt is the lucky one who actually gets to motor down the road in the classic Corvette. By the way, the beautiful car was one of the stars at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego.

1959 Corvette from Sin City 2 at Comic-Con

Meanwhile, it’s not a Corvette, but we still couldn’t help falling in love with the red 1959 Cadillac Eldorado that will be driven by sexy Rosario Dawson, who plays a hooker with a heart of gold … or a dagger.

The new flick is a sequel to the bloody hit Sin City, based on Frank Miller’s inky comic books and also full of classic vehicles. Miller and Robert Rodriquez co-directed the sequel, which arrives some nine years after the first.

Starting August 22 in theaters nationwide, you can see lots of other classic vehicles in the sequel, which features many Buicks, Chevys, Harley-Davidsons, and even a Torpedo Tucker.

Let’s just hope the Corvette doesn’t meet its demise on the screen! Check out the official trailer for the movie below:


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