Corvettes on eBay: Auction of a 1977 Corvette Gets a Little Weird


Corvettes on eBay: Auction of a 1977 Corvette Gets a Little Weird

We’ve all seen some auctions and classified ads that may feature a photo or two of a pretty girl with a Corvette, and for the most part if the pictures are tastefully done, it can serve as a great attention-getter.

This eBay auction listing for a 1977 Corvette seems to start okay. The teaser pic shows an attractive bikini-clad woman leaning against the red Vette, but when you click on it and then see all the pictures, you’ll think you are in the twilight zone.

After all, nothing helps sells a Corvette like girls, a ventriloquist with his ‘dummies’, and of course, Santa Claus.

First, let’s get the details of the Corvette for sale out of the way. Up for auction with a $15,000 buy-it-now price is a red 1977 Corvette. It is powered by the base 350 cubic inch V8 rated at 180 hp. The Corvette comes with an automatic transmission, power windows, a CD player and it has just 56,207 miles on the odometer. Overall, it appears to be a low-mileage Corvette with some general wear and tear that you would expect from a car that is almost 40 years old.

But then you get to the pictures of the car and that’s were this auction descends into madness.

The old adage is true about the ability of pictures to tell a thousand words. You got my attention with the bikini girl, but now I want to see more about the car and pictures are a great way to do so. Unfortunately, the seller appears to be more interested in selling his services as an entertainer rather than trying to sell the Corvette.

The next photo features the seller dressed in a tuxedo and with a ventriloquist’s dummy on each arm. Over his shoulder is a large base drum that is set up on top of the drivers side t-top opening.

Auction of a 1977 Corvette Gets a Little Weird

Next up is a tightly composed photo of the seller dressed as Santa. Look, we all love Santa but how does this help sell your car?

Auction of a 1977 Corvette Gets a Little Weird

And finally, here’s another girl in a most unattractive pose that again features the ventriloquist and his dummies photoshopped over the top of the image.

Auction of a 1977 Corvette Gets a Little Weird

The seller claims one of the benefits of owning the car is that a Corvette can be a revenue generator. He says that he rents out the Corvette (or his Porsche) to photographers who took the pictures of the girls that are featured in the ad.

We would suggest that if the seller really wants to sell his Corvette, then the ad should be more about the Corvette and less about the entertainment services provided. A good auction listing would have photos that show the whole car from all four sides, the interior and the engine compartment. In these auction pictures, there isn’t one shot of the whole car. I can’t even see an unobstructed view of the wheels.

The auction for this 1977 Corvette ends in two days (Aug 07, 2014 09:02:44 PDT) and although the seller is taking offers along with the $15K buy it now price, we suspect that we’ll be seeing this ad again.

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