[ACCIDENT] California Man Crashes and Rolls His C4 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] California Man Crashes and Rolls His C4 Corvette
Photo Credit: Erin Tracy/ModBee.com

The driver of this red C4 Corvette convertible may have lost much more than his bumper after the car collided this week with a power pole and rolled at least once.

Authorities say the man may have lost his thumb in the accident, which happened west of Modesto, California veered right off Finney Road north of Beckwith Road about 1 p.m. Monday and crashed into a power pole, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol said.

The rear bumper can be seen lying upside down on the ground as the Corvette is being loaded onto a flatbed truck to be hauled away.

Interestingly, the accident just sheared the pole below the lines but didn’t knock off the power, and Modesto Irrigation District employee Wade

Wilkinson said crews were planning to repair the damage while the wires were “hot” to prevent outages to nearby customers.

Wilkinson said he’s fixed a lot of power poles hit by cars but noted it was unusual to see a crash like this one that didn’t affect the lines. The impact knocked out about a 10-foot section of the pole but left the rest of the pole dangling from the slack wires.

No word on who the driver was or his age.

Photo Credit: Erin Tracy/ModBee.com

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