[ACCIDENT] New Owner Finds Out His Corvette was on a Crashed Auto Transporter


[ACCIDENT] New Owner Finds Out His Corvette was on a Crashed Auto Transporter
Photo Credit: RYAN HALLETT

Back in 1989, I ordered my second new Corvette – a 1989 red on red coupe.

My girlfriend at the time and now my wife of 25 years (our anniversary is July 15, coincidentally) Cindy worked at a day care center.

She knew, of course, that I had ordered a new Corvette and just happened to be looking out the window at work one afternoon when she saw a truckload of Corvettes pass by – with a shiny red one on the back! In those days, they didn’t come giftwrapped in a white cover like the C7s!

“I think I just saw your Corvette pass by!” she called excitedly to tell me.

Sure enough, it was.

Fast forward to last weekend, and classic car collector Luigi Capilupi had a similar moment – but just one that wasn’t quite as happy for the owner as my own story.

On the day he was supposed to get the classic 1977 Corvette he had always wanted, Luigi found out that the car hauler had been involved in a crash on I-80 East.

His son Antonio made some calls and confirmed the Corvette had indeed been involved in a wreck in New Jersey. He did a further Internet search and found an article about the crash, complete with a photo of the hauler. Sure enough, his dad’s beautiful blue ’77 was on the top of the trailer. Fortunately, here’s where the story turns much better for the Capilupis. Five of the seven vehicles on the trailer were damaged – but the Corvette and an older Saturn made it through the accident mostly unscathed. Unfortunately, all the cars are being held in impound at the direction of the New Jersey State Police.

It could have been much worse, though.

“Some of them are just a few dents and scratches. Others have thousands of dollars of damage from the trees falling on top of them and everything,” H&K’s recovery supervisor Eric Schnorrbusch said.

It may take a few days extra to get his Corvette, but perhaps Luigi’s dream will finally come true.

“He’s wanted one of these cars for the past 30 years, and he finally got one, and it gets into an accident,” Antonio said. “It’s a series of unfortunate events. That’s all.”

At least he’ll have a story not many Corvette owners can tell. But we might be tempted to go pick up the car ourselves once it’s released.

Photo Credit: RYAN HALLETT

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