[VIDEO] Automobile Magazine Tests the BMW M4 vs the 2014 Corvette Stingray


[VIDEO] Automobile Magazine tests the BMW M4 vs the 2014 Corvette Stingray
Photo credit: Automobile Magazine

As long as there are BMWs and Corvettes, there will be ceaseless arguments over which car is the best.

For years, the M3 was considered by many to be head and shoulders above the Corvette, but as Automobile Magazine points out in this video, the new 2014 Stingray can now stand proudly with the latest version of the M3, now called the M4 in the two-door version to differentiate it from the M3 sedans.

Christopher Nelson, road test editor for the magazine, and Jake Holmes, associate web editor, had the enviable task of putting the two cars through the paces on the track.

“Yes, we’re going to compare (a Corvette) to a BMW M4,” Holmes says. “That’s because you no longer have to make excuses for this car. It’s fully fleshed out, well executed, well rounded, and finally ready to hang with the best from Germany.”

Nelson agrees that the Corvette is a fantastic sports car, “but it is not going to beat a BMW M4.”

“This is a new M4,” Holmes counters. “It’s not going to live up to that heritage of M cars that you love. I mean it has a turbocharged engine…” “But it’s a really good turbo engine,” Nelson interrupts.

“But this has got a small-block V8 – that’s a real proven performance formula,” Holmes answers.

“But it’s proven to make you crash when you’re on a track,” Nelson says.

Despite their differences, though, the two men came away impressed with both cars.

“I concede out here on a track that the M4 is a better balanced, more precise tool for carving up a race track,” Holmes says, “but that’s not necessarily all that a sports car is. You want it to be fun, you don’t want it to be too good for you. And that’s why the Corvette is great because although it’s well balanced and a great handling car, it’s still sort of at the ragged edge where you feel like you really have to work to go faster.”

Nelson chimes in: “Here’s the incredible thing – we can compare the Corvette to BMW’s best sports car with a straight face.”

So who was smiling the most when the video ends? Watch till the final seconds to find out which car these two writers would prefer to spend a day with at the track.

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