[VIDEO] How It Looks When A Corvette ZR1 Passes You At 200 MPH


Via CorvetteVideos.TV

We’ve all seen that famous video where a Corvette Z06 overtakes a car on the autobahn at 200 mph. It looks like these guys down in “Mexico” attempted to recreate the scene to see how a 200 mph fly-by from a Corvette ZR1 would look to another car doing the speed limit down the highway.

That little text on your outside mirror should be reading the “Objects in your mirror are already in front of you”!

To our eye, the ZR1 doesn’t seem to be going as fast as 200 mph, but it could be because the camera car is already doing 70 mph or so. Having never done 200 mph in car, what do I know!

The camera car was going 65-70 mph, the Corvette ZR1 was doing 200 mph. Filmed in Mexico.

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