[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Talks with Criswell Corvette’s Mike Furman at the NCM Bash


[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Talks with Criswell Corvette's Mike Furman at the NCM Bash

During the National Corvette Museum’s Bash last month, we had the opportunity to speak to Mike Furman of Criswell Corvette. Mike has sold an astounding 3,100 Corvettes over his professional sales career and we liken him to be a modern day Bob Wingate. Mike is one of the star sales reps on the Corvette Forum and proves time and again that he will go the extra mile to ensure that your Corvette buying experience is as positive as it can be.

So what’s happening with Mike at Criswell? Delivering Corvettes naturally.

Between sessions at the Bash, we asked him about the trends he is seeing from buyers, as well as the excitement people have after seeing the new 2015 Corvette Z06. Mike was also happy to show off a bit of the new C7 Callaway Corvette as he is one of around two dozen Chevy dealers who works with Callaway Engineering. Finally, we all know about the brutal winter many folks endured, so we asked if he’s had a chance to get out and drive his own Corvette lately.

Here’s the interview with Mike Furman from the NCM Bash:

If you’re interested in putting Mike Furman to work on your next Corvette purchase, you can reach him by calling 301-212-4420 or via email through his website at http://criswellcorvette.com/mike_furman.aspx. In addition to setting up a local delivery at Criswell Corvette’s Gaithersburg, Maryland dealership, Mike can offer delivery though the Corvette Museum’s R8C program or he can arrange a courtesy delivery to the Chevrolet dealer in your home town.

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