[VIDEO] Listen to this C5 Corvette with a Corsa Exhaust Cruise Through Monaco


[VIDEO] Listen to this C5 Corvette with a Corsa Exhaust Cruise Through Monaco

When you think of Monaco, that tiny country perched between France and the Mediterranean Sea, you probably have visions of Formula 1 racing on the street course through the city or James Bond gambling at the Monte Carlo casino. Most likely, a C5 Corvette is farthest from your mind.

But that will change after you watch this video showing a C5 Corvette Convertible cruising the streets and tunnels of the city with a beautiful exhaust note flowing from the aftermarket Corsa exhaust.

We’ve always been fans of the fifth generation Corvette and while common here in the states, it’s probably a rare treat to see one in Europe. The driver makes the most of his experience on the two and a half minute video by blipping the throttle at the most opportune times.

We also like how the youtube video describes the Corvette. The video was posted by WorldSuperCars and they end their description of the video with this:

Damn this V8 American Muscle car is loud!

Watch the video of the Corvette cruising through Monaco and then tell us what exotic location would you like to terrorize impress the locals with a loud Corvette in the comments form below.

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