Thieves Steal a 2003 Yellow Corvette in Virginia


Thieves Steal a 2003 Yellow Corvette in Virginia
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There probably isn’t a much sicker feeling for a Corvette owner than the one a Hampton, Va., man suffered Monday night.

Larry Phlegar had celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Corvette by buying a collector’s edition 2003 model, a yellow coupe that he had driven just 9,723 miles over the past decade.

Now he can only hope that lawmen are able to find his prized possession after a thief stole it Monday night.

“At first you think somebody has moved it,” Phlegar told WAVY-TV. “At first you think somebody has borrowed it. When I came out, walked around and realized it wasn’t on my property anymore, it was devastating.”

Phlegar, who lives off Big Bethel Road, has contacted police, but he’s afraid the super-low mileage Corvette he’s had for 10 years may never be found.

The culprit also tried to steal his ATV, but fortunately Larry thwarted that attempt since he had earlier taken the battery out and it wouldn’t start for the would-be thief.

If you happen to catch Phlegar’s yellow Corvette going down the road, call the Hampton Police Department or the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


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