[VIDEO] Street Racing a 730hp Fire Breathing Corvette ZR1 From HELL


Via CorvetteVideos.TV

A 730 hp Corvette ZR1 comes out to play on the streets of Houston with various others including a Grand Sport, Z06, Viper and Camaro.

One lucky 16 year old down in Mexico has the pleasure of owning and racing this BADASS beefed up ZR1 Corvette. We joined him for a night full of street racing where we lined up three and four wide on the highways to race some quick cars. A bolt on’s Z06, Nitrous Z06, Supercharged Grand Sport, Gen V Viper, Supercharged Camaro, nitrous G8, GTO, and even a Turbo Beetle came out to play that night. Check out this night full of badass street racing!

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