[VIDEO] Winner of Saint Bernard’s Classic Corvette Giveaway Picks Up His 1960 Corvette


[VIDEO] Winner of the Saint Bernard Classic Corvette Giveaway Picks Up his 1960 Corvette
Steve Lane (left) and Father Chris Forler (Pastor) and the Corvette in front of Saint Bernard Church in Rockport, Indiana

Steve Lane says he has never won anything in his life before, but all that changed on Sunday, July 14th when his name was drawn from 10,000 raffle tickets at the Saint Bernard Summer Social in Rockport, Indiana. His prize? A Horizon Blue 1960 Corvette Roadster valued at $70,000.

Steve made the eight hour drive from his home in Chasaning, Michigan last Friday to pick up the Corvette and trailer it back home.

“I still can’t believe I won this stunning car,” said Lane. “I only bought one raffle ticket!”

A stunning car indeed! The roadster is numbers matching and is powered by a dual-quad 283/270 hp V8 coupled to a 4-Speed manual transmission. The Corvette was purchased from ProTeam Corvette in Napolean, Ohio.

After a few photos and videos, Lane test drove his new Corvette on the streets surrounding the Catholic church in Rockport before loading it on the car hauler for the trip back to Michigan.

All 10,000 tickets were sold for this year’s raffle, with people as far way as Australia, Italy, Germany, New Zealand and Canada purchasing tickets for the fundraiser. The 25th annual Classic Corvette raffle helps to fund the church’s school and daycare programs in Rockport.

Tickets will go on sale for the 26th annual Corvette raffle in January, 2014.

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