[VIDEO] Listen to the Different Sounds from the 2014 Corvette Stingray’s Dual Mode Exhaust



We heard the exhaust in person on a pair of Corvette Stingrays that were the hit of the Bash at the National Corvette Museum back in April and loved the beautiful – and very different – sounds emanating from both cars as they were driven out of the museum.

Now Autoblog.com has posted a video that shows three different sounds coming from the same Stingray, courtesy of the optional dual mode performance exhaust, available at a cost of $1,195.

It’s amazing how the settings can make such a difference in the exhaust sound, though in this video, the car is just idling. It would be nice to hear how the car sounds in each mode under full throttle going down the road.

By the way, the Corvette’s standard exhaust system will mark the first usage of Tenneco’s electrical valve technology for sound tuning to provide a unique signature sound when you drive this exciting beast. The electric valves will be working together with the vehicle’s new Active Fuel Management system, which saves gas by switching between four-cylinder and eight-cylinder mode. As the Corvette switches between the two engine modes, the valves will open and close to control the sound of the exhaust.

In addition to those valves, the dual-mode exhaust system will also include the option of two more electrical valves in the tailpipes, tuned specifically for enhanced sound quality. During normal driving conditions, these extra valves will be closed, but they’ll open during harder acceleration, creating lower backpressure, more engine power, and that beautiful Corvette signature sound.

On both exhaust systems, the four exhaust ports feature larger 2.75 inch diameter openings than the 2.5 inch openings on the C6. Both have butterfly valves that open for enhanced performance and sound. The standard system has a 13% improvement in airflow while the optional dual-mode system offers a 27% improvement in airflow.

No matter how the exhaust sounds on the Stingray of your dreams, it’s no doubt going to be a sound that a lot of competitors will be hearing a lot of, as they stay far behind the powerful seventh-generation Corvette.


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