[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Caught in Arizona’s Flash Flood


[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Caught in Arizona's Flash Flood on Sunday

A thunderstorm hit the Phoenix, AZ area Sunday morning and dropped up to two inches of rain, causing the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood alert. Unfortunately, that warning came too late for one driver who became a hapless passenger after his silver C6 Corvette was swept off the road and down a wash for more than 100 yards by raging flood waters.

ABC15.com reports the seventy year old owner was spotted near his vehicle after it was washed off the road. The man was rescued by the Phoenix Fire Department and no injuries were reported.

In this video from ABC15.com, you can see just how far the Corvette traveled before it came to rest against the side of a tree in the wash.

Damage to the Corvette appears to be extensive as the rear bumper cover is missing and the Corvette is resting in water that is higher than the wheels wells on the passenger side.


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