Corvette Museum Surpasses Fundraising Goal to Build the Motorsports Park


Corvette Museum Surpasses Fundraising Goal to Build the Motorsports Park

The sound of horsepower will soon fill the air across the highway from the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.

That’s because the NCM’s fundraising goal to raise an additional $1 million for the Motorsports Park by June 1st has come true. In fact, the Museum surpassed that amount by $95,471! With that goal met, it means that initial construction will include the west track.

The National Corvette Museum’s Executive Director Wendell Strode sent out a congratulatory email yesterday:

Dear Friends,

Thanks to YOU… WE DID IT!!! Not only did we hit our $1 million goal over the weekend, but we exceeded it by $95,471!

Because you helped us achieve this milestone in our fundraising efforts we will be including the West Track as part of the initial construction of the Motorsports Park.

The Motorsports Park Project Committee is continuing to look at specific pricing on various aspects and combinations for development of the Park. NCM Management and the Board of Directors plan to make a special announcement at the groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, June 28 as to the amount of park development that will be included with the initial construction. We are so pleased that the West track will be included, thanks to the support of Corvette enthusiasts, members and friends, from all over.

The support each individual and club has made for this project is a strong testament to potential sponsors. We will continue to network with companies who are a good fit to have their name associated with the park. If you have any connections that could help us, please contact me (270-467-8814) or Connie (270-467-8815).

Excitement is growing as we keep driving the dream!

Wendell Strode, Executive Director

Although clearing has already started on the 184 acres, the official groundbreaking ceremony for the Motorsports Park project is planned for June 28,2013 as part of the Museum’s 60th Anniversary Corvette celebration.

Based on statements made by Strode and others, we believe the first phase will now include construction of the 2.0 mile west track and the autocross skid pad as well as the supporting infrastructure.

The entire project is estimated to cost $16.45 million. The first phase which includes the skid pad and 2.0 mile west track is estimated to cost $9 million. The Museum has already spent $2.7 million for the land, paid in part by $2.5 million in donations before the additional $1 million fundraising goal was set.

The Grand Opening for the NCM Motorsports Park is planned for Labor Day Weekend 2014 and will be held in conjunction with the NCM’s 20th Anniversary and the 5th National Corvette Caravan.

Corvette Museum Surpasses Fundraising Goal to Build the Motorsports Park

National Corvette Museum

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