[ACCIDENT] New Hampshire Man Faces DUI Charges in C6 Corvette Crash


[ACCIDENT] New Hampshire Man Faces DUI Charges in C6 Corvette Crash

A New Hampshire man faces multiple charges after wrecking his C6 Corvette on Saturday night, then leaving the scene of the accident.

Bedford police say William Morel, 47, allegedly lost control of his yellow 2006 Corvette on Campbell Road near Wellesley Road around 9 p.m. and slid off the pavement, striking a tree stump.

Morel apparently took off on foot and left behind an injured passenger. Police found Morel more than an hour later walking along King Road about 2½ miles from the accident scene.

They’ve charged him with driving while intoxicated, conduct after an accident, reckless conduct, and operating after suspension, “among other charges.”

Fortunately, the passenger, who was carried to a Manchester hospital, suffered injuries that did not appear life threatening.

The same can’t be said for the Corvette, which was badly damaged especially on the passenger side. One of its rear wheels also came off and was found in the road.

Morel was released on personal recognizance bail and will appear in Merrimack district court on May 2.


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