Submit your Recipes for Mid America Motorworks FunFest Corvette Cookbook


Submit your Recipes for Mid America Motorworks FunFest Corvette Cookbook

Revved Up Ravioli… C7 Sliders… Mako Shark Margarita.

Those are some of the recipe names visible in a graphic telling about Mid America Motorworks’ Chief Cheerleader Mike Yager’s latest inspiration, an automotive-related cookbook to be published this fall.

We all know how much Yager loves Corvettes, but everyone may not know that cooking is his other passion.

This year, he decided to ask his fellow enthusiasts to submit their favorite Corvette-themed recipes for Mid America’s first-ever Funfest Family Cookbook as part of the 2013 Funfest, which is billed as the largest Corvette Party in the World.

Guests of the event, industry celebrities, and any Corvette enthusiasts are being asked to submit an automotive-inspired recipe – or a classic recipe with a fun new title –on Mid America’s Facebook page at

If your recipe is picked to be in the book, you even get a free copy!

If you’re having a creative block, you’re still encouraged to send in a recipe even if you can’t think up an automotive-linked name. In that case, Mid America will help create a name for your recipe and give you credit for the original title.

A few of the recipes already submitted are Mike’s Shinoda Slaw, Dipstick Cheese Dip, and C7 Sliders.

Mark your calendars now for the 20th Annual Corvette Funfest, which will be held Sept. 19-22 in Effingham, Illinois.

It’ll be a big anniversary year for Mid America. Besides 20 years of the Funfest, they’ll also be marking 40 years of business and honoring the 60th anniversary of the Corvette. You can pre-register for the Funfest by visiting

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