2013 Corvette with 108 Miles Seized in Washington Drug Bust


2013 Corvette with 108 Miles Seized in Washington Drug Bust

A Washington state man is in jail, minus his special edition 2013 Corvette and 8 pounds of marijuana worth $30,000 on the street.

That loot plus tens of thousands of dollars in cash was seized Friday after the execution of a search warrant in Grayland, Washington by Pacific County sheriff’s deputies.

Authorities didn’t say what would happen to the car, but someone may eventually get a good deal on the Yellow Grand Sport Corvette, which has been driven only 108 miles!

Charged with violation of an anti-harassment order and facing additional charges this week is 57-year-old Wayne Dean Bisterfelt.

Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson said the owners of the Corvette recently traded in another late-model Corvette and paid for the 2013 model in cash.

“We’re talking about a transaction of about $74,000 not including sales tax,” Johnson said. “Deputies believe that a third vehicle that belongs at the residence, a newer special edition SUV, was purchased with cash as well. It was not at the residence at the time the warrant was served.”

The sheriff said he didn’t know many unemployed people who have two newer high-end cars and had that much cash lying around.

“The person we arrested had no teeth,” Johnson said. “I heard him tell a corrections officer he couldn’t afford dentures…he obviously had no idea we had found his cash at that point.”

Deputies working in conjunction with the Pacific County Drug Task Force had originally entered the residence with a search warrant for a violation of a court order. Once inside the house, however, they found a large amount of marijuana and an impressive growing operation set up. No growing plants were found as the suspects were apparently between growing seasons, the sheriff said.

Last week, Washington voters approved legal possession of small quantities of marijuana and a state-licensed sales system which will be set up in the coming year. However, large commercial operations like the one alleged in this case will remain unlawful.


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