[VIDEO] No Escaping the Corvette-Powered Volvette V70 Police Car


[VIDEO] No Escaping the Corvette-Powered Volvette V70 Police Car

It may look like an ordinary Volvo police car, but it’s anything but.

Get prepared to hear lots of squealing tires and watch lots of donuts during this video featuring a very unusual Volvo V70, which has earned the nickname Volvette.

The car is not actually a real law enforcement vehicle, but the power under the hood is real, very real – for underneath lurks a monstrous LS6 V8 from a Corvette.

Autorevolution.com also reports that the Volvette includes many other parts from an early C5, including the rest of the drivetrain and a very low and very stiff suspension kit.

Watch the video to see the helmeted passenger continually smiling through a series of donuts and other thrilling stunts. But if you get motion sick easily, you might want to take some Dramamine before you look at the car going round and round and round, then round and round some more.


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