Kansas Man Tackles Suspected Corvette Thief


Kansas Man Tackles Suspected Corvette Thief

Who says people are afraid to get involved these days?

Even though he didn’t have a horse in the race, Michael Legg of Haysville, Kansas didn’t think twice about chasing a suspected car thief Monday.

Officers were in the midst of chasing a man suspected of stealing the silver C5 Corvette when he pulled into Legg’s driveway.

Legg didn’t turn a blind eye. Instead, despite the potential danger, he chased the man down, according to Legg’s mother, Linda Legg, who was visiting her son when the excitement started.

“He picked the wrong driveway to ditch a stolen car in,” Linda says. “(Michael had) seen the guy get out of the car and run along the fence line, heading toward his backyard.”

After the suspect jumped the fence, Michael, a Navy veteran, continued in hot pursuit, finally catching up with the man three or four houses down and holding him down until police arrived. It was then that they learned the man was a felon and had a loaded gun.

Thanks to Legg, the story has a happy ending for Legg, who escaped unharmed, as well as the owner of the Corvette, Tom Scripp of K-15 Auto Lot in Derby, Kansas.

“Well, it’s got about a thousand scratches on it where it went through the fence,” Scripp said.

But he’s just glad to have it back, saying that it still runs “very well” but just needs a new paint job.

Photo Credit: Melissa Scheffler

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