[VIDEO] Donuts in a Cutaway C3 Corvette


[VIDEO] Donuts in a Cutaway C3 Corvette

No matter how you drive your Corvette, Corvette Specialties has the parts to make it look like new again.

The good folks up in Mounds View, Minnesota have been in business for more than 30 years, and they definitely know how to promote their store – with a rockin’ and rollin’ C3 cutaway Corvette that bares its soul to show off many of the parts they stock.

On this video, Corvette Specialties turns a driver loose in the parking lot at their business, and we have to say it was just loads of fun watching the car do donut after donut, so many in fact that even Dunkin probably would be a little jealous.

Corvette Specialties has a long and humble history in the Corvette parts business. Like so many others, the founder, a guy named Bob, operated out of his garage for a while before opening up a small storefront in an out-of-the-way industrial area, financing the move by selling his 1961 Corvette.

Since he had a reputation for knowing Corvettes and Corvette parts, he had enough business to keep him going. Here’s the part we like. In those early years, Bob even lived in the store to hold down overhead. Customers soon found out they could knock on his door and get Corvette parts any time of the night or day! A pretty impressive business plan, if we do say so.

The business continued to grow, prompting a couple of expansions, and finally Bob was successful enough to retire in 1998, handing it off to the current owners in early 1999.

Of course, some folks just don’t know a good time when they see it. The video says the business next door was getting ready to call the police just before they got through with all the fun.

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