Chevrolet Performance Launches The BLOCK – A New Interactive Community for Car Enthusiasts


Chevrolet Performance Launches The BLOCK - A New Interactive Community for Car Enthusiasts

How would you like the chance to get advice from a Chevrolet engineer without leaving the comfort of your own home?

That’s a very real possibility now that Chevrolet Performance has just begun a social community that caters to car enthusiasts.

It’s called The BLOCK and offers interactive features of enthusiasts’ vehicles along with the latest insider information on new parts, Chevrolet factory-performance models, and Chevy racing action. You can even pick up the latest info on the next-generation Corvette on The BLOCK as soon as it’s released.

Since GM engineers and other insiders will be on The BLOCK, the advice on selecting the right camshaft for an LS-engine upgrade, for example, might just come directly from a Chevrolet Performance engineer. How’s that for service?

“The BLOCK is social media for gearheads,” said Jim Campbell, General Motors U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles & Motorsports. “Whether you’re into street rods, muscle cars, trucks or late-model performers, it is designed for enthusiasts of all stripes to share their experiences and talk about their projects with like-minded people who share a passion for building, racing and enjoying cars and trucks.”

Chevrolet Performance Launches The BLOCK - A New Interactive Community for Car EnthusiastsEach BLOCK member will be assigned a “QR” or Quick Response code that could be placed in the windshield of his car. Then let’s say you are at a car show, cruise night, drag race, or just about anywhere, someone else can scan the code and call up your profile. They could see the history of your car’s restoration, for example, or car-show awards you’ve garnered or even a video of your pride and joy.

“Wherever your car is, other enthusiasts will be able to view everything you want to share about it,” said Campbell. “It’s a great way to start conversations with new friends and tell your story in a unique way.”

At The BLOCK, members can find out about the latest Chevrolet performance vehicles, get the first look at new crate engines and other items from Chevrolet Performance, read about the latest Chevy vehicles and get other Chevrolet news as soon as it’s released, see exclusive content about the industry, personality profiles and more, communicate with other BLOCK members through the exclusive forum, keep up with Chevrolet Performance racing, stay on top of coming events, and more.

“We are excited to see where the enthusiasts take The BLOCK,” said Campbell. “We’ve provided the space for them, but they will drive where it goes from here.”

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