[ACCIDENT] C5 Corvette Destroyed in Long Island Crash


[ACCIDENT] C5 Corvette Destroyed in Nassau County Crash

You might call it the battle of the GM cars, but in this case, there were no winners. A red C5 Corvette is now missing a few parts after a two-car collision on Long Island in Nassau County, N.Y., on Feb. 10.

[ACCIDENT] C5 Corvette Destroyed in Nassau County Crash [ACCIDENT] C5 Corvette Destroyed in Nassau County Crash [ACCIDENT] C5 Corvette Destroyed in Nassau County Crash

After the crash on Salisbury Park Drive, the Corvette’s door wound up in the street about 30 feet away, the hood was ripped off, the windshield was smashed, and the airbags had deployed.

The female driver was briefly knocked unconscious by the collision, according to a neighbor who witnessed the event while she was taking out her trash.

“She was unconscious probably three or four minutes,” the witness said.

The other car involved was a dark gray Cadillac, which was damaged less severely and came to a stop after hitting a plant in front of a nearby house.

The witness noted that an elderly man was driving the Cadillac and said she believes more laws should be passed to prevent potentially unsafe drivers.

The Corvette driver was admitted to the intensive care unit, a source said.

Fortunately, both drivers are expected to be OK after being transported to Nassau University Medical Center.

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Photo Credit: Shannon Koehle, John S.

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