Compares 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial vs 2013 Nissan GT-R Premium

1594 Compares 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial vs 2013 Nissan GT-R Premium

America’s best vs. Japan’s best – the rear-wheel-drive, manually shifted, 505-hp 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition against Nissan’s high-tech, twin-turbo, 545-hp 2013 Nissan GT-R Premium.

That’s what the folks at Edmund’s carried to the battlefield recently, with the same results as World War II this time around. Score one for the good ol’ USA.

The Centennial Edition Z06 left the folks at literally “wanting” the Corvette, thanks to its massive 7.0-liter engine, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, Magnetic Ride Control suspension, Performance Traction Management, and hold on to your rear ends, improved seats that actually rated higher than the Nissan’s. Then there was the sound coming from the Corvette’s two-mode muffler system that the testers called “one of the most sonorous delights you’ll ever hear from a driver seat,” compared to the GT-R, “which sounds about as good as your wife’s Hoover.”

Not that the Nissan was a slouch, though.

For 2013, Nissan has made many improvements, including a 15hp increase courtesy of increased intake efficiency and larger ducting for the intercoolers.

You’ve got to pay for such performance, however. Once known for its value compared to other supercars, the Nissan GT-R listed for $97,820 and with its only option – Super Silver paint – went out the door at a cool $100,820. The Z06 started out as a relative bargain at only $76,500, but by the time some $25,260 in options was checked off, the final total was a whopping $101,760.

But once drivers got behind the wheel, these cars lived up to that money, proving to be “spectacular” on track and twisty back roads. says they’re better than they’ve ever been, but the Z06 is the more fun vehicle. The Corvette “not only rules the track, it makes driving to the grocery store exciting.” The Nissan, meanwhile, earned the respect of the testers, “but it only really becomes thrilling when being pushed at eight-tenths or higher, a realm we rarely find ourselves in.”

So there you have it, folks, another win for America and the Corvette Z06. See more details at


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