Corvettes on eBay: Original Tire Air from a 1967 L88 Corvette


Corvettes on eBay: Original Tire Air from a 1967 L88 Corvette

Here’s a funny eBay ad aimed at classic Corvette restorers that is making the rounds this week. If you are looking to earn the maximum points possible when having your Corvette flight judged, then you shouldn’t overlook the air in those reproduction tires. Today on eBay, you can buy the original tire air from a 1967 L88 Corvette.

The description of the ad is pretty straight forward:

1967 Corvette original tire air, carefully removed and bagged for reuse from an original spare, this was a real barn find, was actually in an L-88 tire tub , this is the only way to get all the points the judges are smelling for! Nothing like real 67 smell! Very rare find, you have probably been looking for a long time, do NOT snooze and lose! This is the real deal!

This will actually fit any Car, but its really appropriate only for 67. as its the correct aroma. This would be factory installed for any 1967 original application, be sure its what you need , most experienced, expert judges will quickly tell you you have the wrong air in your tires and you will never get the top award you are looking for if its the wrong vintage. I have also heard some judges can tell the difference between GM or Ford air, so be careful here. These guys are sharp, highly trained, experienced, and know all.

Cannot ship via air , ground only, freight charges apply and depend on your location.

Local pick up only, will not ship

The bidding for this auction is for the plastic bag. The air is included at no cost.

Some guys will do just about anything to earn points for their NCRS Top Flight cars

For those of you that have or own a restored Corvette, make sure to view the ad and then scroll down to the bottom and read the questions to seller which includes whether or not the air is date coded and a Q/A on how to release it when the judges are around.

The auction closed January 19, 2012 with 0 bids. The opening bid was set at $1,000, a price set high enough to scare away the clueless. We know that some auctions on eBay don’t look right, but for us this one just didn’t pass the sniff test.

eBayArchived listing [PDF]

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