[VIDEO] Corvettes Crash During Street Race; Warrants Issued


[VIDEO] Corvettes Crash During Street Race; Warrants Issued

Apparently this video went viral while I was incommunicado over the Thanksgiving holiday. Two Silver Corvettes, a C6 and C5, were lined up at a stop light in the Houston neighborhood of The Woodlands. The motorist behind the duo gets a bad feeling about what is going to happen when the lights go green and starts filming. Sure enough, the race ends badly for both drivers and cars and now police have issued warrants for their arrest.

These two drivers were irresponsible as hell to race on the busy public streets especially when the video shows kids on bikes crossing in front of them just prior to the light going green.

Police were called to the scene and we have a follow up thanks to Jalopnik who reports that one of the responding officers posted comments about the aftermath on LS1GTO. Here’s a few of those comments:

They both tried to tell me they weren’t racing. The C5 claimed to be pushing 600rwhp… He claimed he dumped the clutch and thats why he lost control. Lol.


Well, the driver on the left was 23 and called his parents immediately. As soon as we placed him in cuffs his mom started screaming to go to the hospital. So we sent him to the hospital and decided to cut the other guy loose due to the kid not going to jail. Warrants are being issued for both of their arrests now.


We recieved [sic] a 911 call (from a witness) saying that a major accident just accused and the other corvette was attempting to leave the scene. And the other vette wasn’t drivable. Due to it being a major accident, we have to investigate.

So even though Mommy got the kid off the hook at the scene, it looks like he will have to face the police for his recklessness. As for the C6 driver, threads at LS1TECH indicate he is a known parts scammer. So for him, what comes around, goes around.

We’re just glad no innocent bystanders were hurt and again point out the lessons learned from others mistakes: Don’t street race your Corvettes!


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