Corvette Z06 is One of Eight Cars Involved in Huge Nurburgring Crash


Corvette Z06 is one of eight cars involved in Huge Nurburgring Crash

A huge crash on the famous Nurburgring over the weekend collected eight cars including a “rented” Corvette Z06. The accident occurred on the portion of the ‘ring known as the “Bergwerk” section and from various reports, we believe the cause was likely due to a construction zone that failed to give drivers enough warning to slow down. Regardless, the accident left seven of eight cars undrivable and one of the drivers in critical condition. reports on all things that happen at the Green Hell and they’ve been all over this story as well. At the time of the accident, the track was open to the public, a day known as touristenfahrten, while at the same time, workers were repairing a guardrail. Although a warning sign was set up, it was positioned in a way that drivers coming around a bend had to brake from more than 120 mph over a crest to just 30 mph.

The police report says that four cars came up on the Bergwerk section and one of the cars couldn’t stop in time and hit the car ahead of it, slid into the grass and then came back on the track and collided with the other two cars in the group. Three more cars approached the section and slowed, but the eighth car, the BMW ring taxi, crashed into one of the cars and wound up against the Armco barrier on the left side of the track.

Jalopnik reports the cars involved included the Corvette Z06, a Porsche 911 (RSR clone?) an E36 BMW 3-Series, an E30 BMW 3-Series, two Vauxhall VXR220s, an E92 BMW M3 and the BMW M3 ring taxi.

The Corvette was wearing a graphic promoting Platnium Cars, a Swedish luxury car dealer. Checking their website, we see 12 Corvettes currently listed including a 2009 Corvette ZR1. There has been some confusion over the ownership status of the car, whether or not it was a rental or privately owned.

In the official police report, excessive speed was given as the cause of the accident. Regardless, the cost of the accident is said to total $130,000 in damages to all the cars involved. Head over to to see more photos of the accident.

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