[VIDEO] CNBC Profiles Mid America Motorworks Mike Yager on “How I Made My Millions”


[VIDEO] CNBC Profiles Mid America Motorworks Mike Yager on 'How I Made My Millions'

Have you ever seen a successful business and wondered how they got to where they are today? Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks is one of the icons of our hobby and a true American success story. With $500, he turned his passion for Corvettes into one of the largest automotive parts and accessories catalogs in the country. Recently, Mike’s journey to success was featured on the CNBS show “How I Made My Millions“.

At 20 years old, Mike purchased his first Corvette, a 1967 convertible. An avid car show attendee, Yager funded his trips by selling t-shirts, patches and manuals out the back of his car. Sales grew and in 1976 he started Mid America Enterprises and launched his first catalog – a two page black and white mail order flyer. Today, Mid America features some 80,000 products and mails some 4.5 million Corvette and VW catalogs every year to its customers.

Here is the segment entitled “Wheels of Fortune” from CNBC’s “How I Made My Millions

Mike success in the Corvette hobby allowed him to assemble an outstanding collection of Corvettes and Volkswagens which can be viewed at MY Garage. Each year, Mid America Motorworks puts on Corvette Funfest, the largest Corvette show in the country attended by 17,000 Corvettes and upwards of 45,000 enthusiasts.

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