[VIDEO] AOL Auto’s Translogic Focuses on Chevy V8s and the Corvette ZR1


[VIDEO] AOL Auto's Translogic Focuses on Chevy V8s and the Corvette ZR1

AOL Auto’s Translogic series focuses on transportation technology and for the last couple of episodes, host Bradley Hasemeyer has been taking a closer look at the Chevrolet Corvette. Last week’s video had Bradley exploring the evolution of the small-block Chevy V8 with the help of a 1960 Corvette. In this week’s installment, Bradley takes a Torch Red Corvette ZR1 on a road tour around Detroit with stops at two destinations that played a pivotal role in the 205 mph super car’s development.

In Translogic 68, Hasemeyer grabs an American flag, a baseball bat and an apple pie as he explores the evolution of the Chevrolet small-block V8, the engines that are now synonymous with Corvette performance. With a security guard along for the ride, Bradley takes a beautiful 1960 Corvette roadster to Wixon’s Performance Build Center and speaks with GMPP’s Dr. Jamie Meyers who is more than happy to show the evolution of the Chevy V8 starting with a 265 cubic inch V8 that made its first appearance in the 1955 Corvette.

In Translogic 69, Bradley hits the other end of the performance spectrum in the 638-hp Corvette ZR1. The road tour starts with the ZR1 spinning some wheels on its way to a quick 3.4 second 0-60 mph launch and then Bradley steers the supercharged Corvette down the road to New Hudson, Michigan – the home of Corvette’s racing partner Pratt & Miller Engineering. Bradley talks with Corvette Racing’s Technical Director Doug Louth about the evolution of transferring technology from racing starting 11 years ago with the C5-R GT1 Corvettes to today’s GT C6.R which is the most production based car the team has ever raced.

Bradley then takes the Corvette ZR1 back to Wixom’s Performance Build Center where the Corvette’s LS9, LS7 and selected LS3 engines are assembled by hand. GM’s Performance Parts product integration manager Dr. Jamie Meyer is on hand to give Bradley a tour of the facility where Corvette owners can come build their LS7 or LS9 engine for their own Corvettes as part of the Engine Build Experience.

You can read more on the performance technology behind the Corvette ZR1 from AOLAuto’s Translogic.

AOLAuto’s Translogic

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