Corvette Central Launches Performance Products Website


Corvette Central Launches Performance Products Website

For some Corvette owners, America’s favorite sports car represents power and performance. To help performance-minded owners get the most out their cars, Corvette Central has launched a new online presence called Corvette Central Performance. The new website features a catalog of the most innovated performance products available for all Corvettes from C1 to ZR1.

Corvette performance enthusiasts will find products ranging from simple upgrades to thoroughly researched and developed performance packages; from exhaust and electronics to superchargers and suspension, Corvette Central Performance will be able to meet the demands of this ever-evolving group of enthusiasts.

Visitors to Corvette Central Performance will recognize many of the formidable performance part manufacturers including Pfadt Racing, Kooks Custom Headers, Air Flow Research, Callaway and many more.

Not just a catalog site, the new Corvette Central Performance is a technical reference center for Corvette owners who want to improve the performance of their already powerful Corvettes. Partnering with journalist/corvette guru Chris Petris and SCCA champion Corvette racing driver Danny Kellermeyer, you’ll find exclusive and frequent technical how-to articles and advice for maximizing the performance of your car.

Corvette Central was established in 1975 and is one of the nation’s top providers of corvette products with 7 full-color print catalogs totaling over 45,000 parts and accessories. The company manufactures 3,000 of their own products from the huge location in Sawyer, Michigan.

Visit Corvette Central online at and make sure you visit their new Corvette Central Performance website.

Corvette Central Performance

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