[RUMORS] C7 Corvettes to Offer a Small-Displacement Turbo V8?


[RUMORS] C7 Corvettes to Offer a Small-Displacement Turbo V8?
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According to a story by TheDetroitBureau.com, one of the engines that General Motors is planning on offering in the C7 Corvette is a European-style turbo V8 that will be slightly larger than 3 liters in displacement. This would mark a turning point for the company which has traditionally offered high-displacement V8s in the sports car. The turbocharged engine is expected to woo the hearts, minds and wallets of European performance car buyers who are usually drawn to the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

TDB claims a senior GM executive confirmed the new turbocharged engine. The 3-liter turbocharged V8 engine would feature an overhead cam design and a dry sump oil system. Power output would be in excess of 400 horsepower or about 125 hp per liter. The turbo V8 will also be an extremely high-revving engine that could handle up to 10,000 RPMs.

The turbocharged V8 will be just one of the engine offerings for the C7 Corvette and that there will still be a big-block OHV V8 to appeal to traditionalists.

GM has toyed with turbo charging in the past and in fact offered a turbocharged option as an add-on with Callaway in the late 80s. Over the four year offering, 321 B2K-optioned Corvettes were built.

TheDetroitBureau.com says that that revelation is in line with recent comments by General Motors North American President Mark Reuss who said earlier this month that the C7 Corvette will be “completely different” from previous Corvettes.

That comment by Reuss has fueled rumors and led others to believe that it means a mid-engine layout is also in the offering. About the only thing we do know is that General Motors will be investing $131 million into the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green as it prepares for the next generation Corvette. The first C7s expected are expected to arrive as a 2014 model.

TheDetroitBureau via Autoblog

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  1. I find it great if they offer the 2 options in the standard C7, the 3.0 turbochargued and a 5.5 naturally aspirated.

    Or at least I hope see it in the Z06 version.

  2. Say it ain’t so, Joe!!??!! Turbocharged cars are for the europeans who do not know how to build big V8 engines with low RPM, high torqure.
    If this is the case, my 2008 Corvette Callaway SC606 is the last new corvette I will ever buy! Sell the turbo Corvettes to the europeans!!!

  3. What’s the big deal? I don’t really care what size the engine is, just as long as it makes a bunch of horsepower.

  4. Does anyone remember the twin turbo aluminum V8 GM supplied to Jay Leno for his Olds Toronado? An early prototype, perhaps?

  5. So, are we to believe tha this 3-liter V8 with twin turbos and a dry sump is going to be lighter than the current LS3, such that there’ll be a performance advantage, for all of the fussiness of twin turbos?

    There’s a lot of “reading into” over Reuss’ statement. The mid-engine design just doesn’t make sense in a modern high performance sports car. Back when Zora was driving the Corvette’s performance envelope, yes, it made sense. But with tires 3 times as wide, traction controle, etc, etc, why live the odd layout of a mid-engine design?

    What the C7 needs is AWD. If it was standard on all C7s, that would be a HUGE step forward. At least, it should be on the Z06 and ZR1. If Nissan can have it on their flagship sports car, it’s a GOTTA HAVE on the C7.

  6. No way they could federalize such an engine.

    I don’t see AWD coming to the C7, its a weight and packaging issue, and from what Tadge said at Sebring, I don’t see it happening.

  7. […] slightly larger then 3 liter, V6 rather then V8? Corvettebloggers reporting it's a V8 too: [RUMORS] C7 Corvettes to Offer a Small-Displacement Turbo V8? ? Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyl… I could see this as becoming THE engine when Kappa engine transplants start becoming more common. […]

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