[Made Up] Rumors of a Mid-Engined C7 Corvette Again


[Made Up] Rumors of a Mid-Engined C7 Corvette Again

I’m not buying it. The latest round of rumors of a C7 mid-engined Corvette come from the same English car site that pushed the same story a year ago. This time, they took a quote from GM’s North American President Mark Reuss who said the next generation Corvette would be “completely different”. Reuss made the statement at the Corvette Assembly Plant last week where he announced the company would be investing $131 million to upgrade the plant.

As one of the commenter’s on their own site said, there’s no meat in this sandwich. Following the same logic, I could say ithe C7 is going to be made out of metal. After all, that’s “completely different” than the C6. Or how about a hybrid? See, I can speculate like that too!

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  1. I’m with Keith on this. Big companies don’t do change well, which means my money is on not only front engine power, but on a body that doesn’t end up looking as radically different as all the concept cars being floated around.

  2. I am not buying the rumor either look at the Fiero it was such a grand success for the whole Pontiac motor div.
    Why would GM want to change a winning formula and a 50 year history of building Americas only true sports car?

  3. Ditto – no mid engine.

    My guesses?
    1) Electric steering -easy to change to a right side steering for the export market.
    2) AWD – probably not, but I wish. The 911 and GTR are excellent examples. We need +600 hp to keep up with them on the launch…
    3) No more leaf springs.
    4) Smaller engine (no brainer) and/or cylinder deactivation. Turbo standard?

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