GM to Invest $131 Million in Bowling Green Assembly Plant


GM to Invest $131 Million in Bowling Green Assembly Plant
Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

GM North American President Mark Reuss brought some very good news to state and local community leaders in Bowling Green as well as for the 500 employees of the Corvette Assembly Plant and Corvette lovers everywhere. General Motors will be investing $131 million in the plant for upgrading tooling and machinery and will create as many as 250 new jobs in advance of producing the up-coming C7 Corvette.

Joining Ruess for today’s announcement was Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Dave Tatham and Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter, as well as other local civic leaders and plant employees.

“It’s a thrill for me to be here today in Bowling Green as the bearer of good news at one of our very best facilities building” our most iconic car,” Reuss said. “When I say our most iconic car, I really mean America’s most iconic car.”

“As you know Bowling Green is a special place and not just to me and to GM but to Corvette lovers around the world. This place is THE mecca for those who appreciate true affordable sports car performance and they come from the four corners of the globe to see what you do here,” said Reuss. “It is amazing and it is inspiring and it is very American.”

Reuss went on to describe his history of owning Corvettes and he finished his presentation with these comments on the C7: “Tadge and the team are doing the next generation Corvette and it will thrill all of the sports car drivers of the future and it will be built right here.”

Here is a video of Mark Ruess making his announcement to all the attendees:

You can download an mp3 audio clip of today’s full ceremony from

According to Ruess, the next generation Corvette is at least 2 years aways which fits our time-frame of the C7 being introduced as a 2014 Corvette.

Today’s announcement caps a week of positive news for Corvette. Starting last week we learned all about the 2012 models at the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash while yesterday’s April 2011 sales report was very positive with GM selling more Corvettes last month than have been sold in any month since September 2009.

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  1. I own a 2007 Vette and I saw a future vette at the auto show and I can tell you the protruding rear end does not look good. The tail lights are ok. The split window looks good. The stingray logo looks excellent. The front head lights are too high on the fenders and too narrow. I was waiting to buy a C7 but if it comes out with a butt sticking out over four exhausts …ugly!
    The engine should not be some tightly wound zing-a-ling sounding weed eater. Vette owners like the sound of a big block engine rumbling out twin pipes. I have owned four Corvettes so I thought I would throw out my opinion.

    Thanks, Richard in KC

  2. Releasing the C7 as a MY2014 would be an epic fail.
    Bring the Stingray back as a 60th Anniversary Vette/ 50th Anniversary Stingray!!

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