Barrett-Jackson to offer over 50 Corvettes at Palm Beach Sale


Barrett-Jackson to offer over 50 Corvettes at Palm Beach Sale

Article contributed by Steve Burns

The Barrett-Jackson 40th anniversary tour rolls into sunny West Palm Beach, Florida this weekend for their 9th annual Palm Beach sale. The vehicle sale portion of the event will run Thursday April 7th through Saturday April 9th at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Various other support events fill the remaining days of the week. As usual Speed will be provided live coverage of event on all four days.

Adding to the intrigue will be the option of reserve or no reserve sales this time around. Included among the hundreds of classics being offered this weekend are more than 50 Corvettes. Of those, 33 are partaking in the traditional Barrett-Jackson no reserve format. The Corvette selection will include examples from all 6 generations. Straight axle cars lead the pack with 18 being offered and C2’s are next with 15. C3 fans will have 12 flavors to choose from. Those looking for later model cars can big on their choice of 4 C4’s and 1 sample each from the 5th and 6th generations. Below are a few of our favorites crossing the block this weekend in Florida.

Lot #88 2008 Hertz ZHZ Coupe: We’re used to seeing these ZHZ’s parked in the ocean or crashed into various structures. This ZHZ, however, has led a much less exciting life since it left Bowling Green. Offered with a reserve, this one has travelled less than 100 since new. Finished in the traditional yellow and black color scheme, this is one of only 500 ZHZ’s assembled. The drivetrain consists of the 6.2L LS3 and paddle shift automatic. Exhaust exits through dual-mode exhaust. This is the lowest mile ZHZ we’ve seen so far as most spent their lives in the rental fleet racking up countless hard driven miles. There can’t be too many of these around in this condition so we expect this one to have several collectors interested.

2008 Hertz ZHZ Coupe 2008 Hertz ZHZ Coupe Lot S65 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Lot #649.2 1967 427/400, 4 speed, A/C, convertible: This red on black roadster has all the big desirable options: 427/400, air conditioning, 4 speed, and side pipes. The option list also includes power brakes and windows, leather, hardtop, AM/FM radio and the telescopic steering wheel. We all know that these big block C2’s can bring mega bucks when options and condition are just right. This car has almost all the features collectors are looking for. So what’s the catch? The engine has been re-stamped to match the VIN. We appreciate the seller’s honesty, but wonder if this car was born with this configuration. Will others think the same way? We’ll have to wait and see what happens when this crosses the block this weekend.

1967 Corvette 427/400 hp 1967 Corvette 427/400 hp 1967 Corvette 427/400 hp

Lot #657.1 1957 Big Brake Fuelie Roadster: Very, very few 1957 Corvettes were delivered with the big brake, heavy duty suspension, and fuel injection options. In the item description the seller claims “vintage correct Big Brake and Heavy (Duty) Suspension and Steering options…”, but doesn’t any list any documentation proving the car was born this way. The motor is described as having “a correct casting number block, cast later than the car was built.” The fantastic red / color beige combination make for a very appealing package and true big brake fuelies bring huge money when they change hands. This is a very attractive no reserve car which is sure to generate a lot of buzz before heading to its new home. We hope the new owner will take us for a ride in this one.

1957 Corvette Big Brake Fuelie Roadster 1957 Corvette Big Brake Fuelie Roadster 1957 Corvette Big Brake Fuelie Roadster

If you can’t make to the South Florida Fairgrounds this weekend be sure to check out Speed’s coverage Thursday 4/7 from Noon – 4pm, Friday 4/8 from Noon – 6:30pm, and Saturday 4/9 from 11am – 5pm and again from 7pm – 8pm. All times are Eastern.

Check back shortly for the auction schedule and Corvette run list!


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