[VIDEO] Atlanta Corvette Driver Slams Police Cruiser in Hit and Run


[VIDEO] Atlanta Corvette Driver Slams Police Cruiser in Hit and Run

We think Corvette enthusiasts are some of the greatest people in the world. Unfortunately, we also have our share of morons who think they can do whatever they want. Case in point? A police officer cruising the Lenox Mall in Atlanta saw a C6 Corvette parked in the fire lane. As he pulls behind it, the car’s driver comes out of the mall. The officer attempts to question him and the man jumps in the car, locks the doors and takes off at a high rate of speed.

The officer attempts to pursue the Corvette and driver, but as he pulls out of the parking area, his cruiser is broadsided by the Corvette. The Corvette speeds away from the scene, but we sense this is only a temporary reprieve for the Corvette’s driver who went from receiving a potential parking ticket to more serious charges including felony hit and run and assaulting a police officer.

Here is the raw dash cam from the police cruiser that captured the entire incident:

Atlanta Police have turned to the public for help in finding the driver. Anyone with info should call 404-765-2808.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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  1. I’d put money on there being drugs in that car while that video was taken, otherwise there’s no need for that. That or unlicensed op.

  2. This dude was pi**ed off and wasn’t thinking clearly. This dude was clearly angry because he was getting a ticket. END OF STORY

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